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Spider Monkey: Chapter Five
Chapter Five
'Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of it has caught my eye'
Lazlo swung from tree to tree, getting even closer and closer to Prickly Pines, which is currently under siege by an unknown robot. Lazlo had no idea what this machine was or what it could do, but he figured that with his newfound spider powers; he could beat it in no time.
'And roped me in
So, mesmerizing, so hypnotizing,
I am captivated, I am'
At last, Lazlo reached the small rural town. It was far worse then he imagined: Cars wrecked in various places, people in either a state of fear or shock, and much damage to the surrounding buildings. What caught Lazlo’s attention first was a man trapped inside of his car. “Well, time to show them what I can do.” Lazlo thought to himself.
I am selfish
I am wrong
I am right
I swear I'm right
Swear I knew it all along
And I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now the th
:iconspartanguy88:spartanguy88 1 1
Spider Monkey: Chapter Four
Chapter Four:
One Week Later…
Lazlo woke up to a new day in Camp Kidney. Yet unlike the many other ones he’s spent there, the past week was particularly interesting…
First, he practiced some more on his web zipping ability. Lazlo now felt as though he was finally getting the hang of it, literally. While practicing he learned that he can use his webs to grab a loose object and bring it back towards him.
Unfortunately, while practicing this technique, he accidentally grabbed a basketball and it flew right back into his face. A bit of a painful mistake, but he quickly learned from it.
While he, Raj, and Clam were playing a round of dodge ball against Edward, Chip, and Skip, he learned another ability in the process!
While Lazlo was looking away, Edward threw a ball at him, and when that happened, everything seemed to slow down for Lazlo at that moment. It was like he could sense the ball coming right at him. He spun around, grabbed the ball in mid air, and threw it at Chip.
:iconspartanguy88:spartanguy88 1 1
cl: rainy dayz by kawaiibunny3 cl: rainy dayz :iconkawaiibunny3:kawaiibunny3 96 19 Unknown beanscouts... by YOOCA Unknown beanscouts... :iconyooca:YOOCA 1 0
Spider Monkey: Chapter Three
Chapter Three
Leaping from one tree to the other, Lazlo laughed and continued to discover what he is capable of. With his enhanced strength, he can now not only lift heavier objects, but he can leap higher and farther than ever before. Plus, with the miniature claws on his fingers, he can clamp onto almost any surface.
Lazlo was so amazed at what he could do that he now just had to test out that web thing he saw in the mess hall. “All right, I did it back in the Mess Hall; I gotta do that thing I did again!”
He landed on a tree branch, looked over at another one just fifty feet away, shot out his hand…
And nothing happened.
“Huh? What?!” Lazlo said, surprised at what didn’t just happen. He threw his hand out again and screamed, “Come on spider web…!” Nothing. He again tried, “Fire… at will web!” Still nothing.
After thirty-two more tries, he was about to give up on it, when he put his hand out one more time…
A line of spi
:iconspartanguy88:spartanguy88 1 3
Spider Monkey: Chapter Two
Chapter Two
Lazlo woke up at around 7:33 AM, two minutes before the wake up call is sent out. He felt greatly rested, looks like he needed the sleep more than he knew. He looked around; Raj and Clam were both tucked away into their beds. No doubt Raj was dreaming of becoming a popular DJ while Clam dreamt of pancakes, today was Pancake Tuesday, Clam’s favorite breakfast of the week.
Lazlo got out of bed and quietly started to slip out of the dirty Bean Scout uniform and into a clean uniform; he always believed that it’s best to get started early, just like his dad when he gets ready to go to his job.
He finally had his uniform on but he accidentally dropped his fez and it went underneath his nightstand. He bent down to pick it up, he grabbed it and his hand accidentally hit the bottom of the night stand. But surprisingly enough, it lifted a few inches off the ground and it came back
:iconspartanguy88:spartanguy88 1 1
Spider Monkey: Chapter One
Chapter One
One Month Ago…
This day was the first activity day for both Camp Kidney and Acorn Flats; the two camps of Prickly Pines. With the Bean Scouts residing in the former camp, and the Squirrel Scouts occupying the latter camp, there was almost always a state of competition between the two camps.
However, on this activity day, it was one of those “every scout for him-or-her-self” contests. It was the annual Wallpaper Day Science Fair. As expected, every scout, well… maybe the ones the audience cares about, were all busy maintaining their projects and showing them off to the judges and the spectators of the event.
For instance: Raj had an “Automatic Marshmallow Dispenser Machine.” Samson had a “Health Buddy Assistant.” And Patsy had a “Southpaw Boxing Partner 3000.”
Meanwhile, over at Lazlo’s table, he was showing Edward his creation.
“What in the name of Pete is that supposed to be?” Edward asked.
Lazlo very smugly
:iconspartanguy88:spartanguy88 1 1
Edward with the real me by EmmalovesEdwardxxx Edward with the real me :iconemmalovesedwardxxx:EmmalovesEdwardxxx 4 7 LazloxClam by EmmalovesEdwardxxx LazloxClam :iconemmalovesedwardxxx:EmmalovesEdwardxxx 5 10 Doraemon the Movie 2007 by chieu Doraemon the Movie 2007 :iconchieu:chieu 71 7



Going to be an animator one day
United States
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I am no longer fascinated with Chower, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, Camp Lazlo, or Catscratch. I am currently into Doraemon and The Mighty B! I have a YouTube account called DoraemonEdward. Anyway, I came back on here to clean things up after the time I've been away.
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